An accomplished Iban basktry artist, Senia  works with rattan, natural bemban or arrowroot, dyed

split bamboo and rattan. She makes unique container baskets in various sizes and shapes and traditional Iban hats and mats. Her works have received the UNESCO-World Crafts Council Award of Excellence. For many years she has travelled to remote areas of Sarawak, Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia to conduct workshops on basketry and bag making.

Bemban is an extremely durable material found in the swampy and low laying areas in Sarawak. Bemban is a reed that grows by the river. It is softer than rattan,

Stronger than pandan or sago leaf, flexible and smooth.  Its flexibility and strength allows it to be woven into all sorts of interestingly shaped baskets and soft mats.

Senia is adapt at making the rattan ‘topi tunjang’ hats; and has created several outstanding artistic hats for Malaysian designer Edric Ong’s international fashion shows.




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