World Ikat Textiles … Ties that bind

An International Exhibition, Symposium and Fashion Show

The 8th series in the Biennial World Eco-fiber and Textile (WEFT)Forum

1st-3rd December 2017

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia



The W.E.F.T. FORUM was first started in September, 1999 in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Since then, the WEFT Forum has been a biennial event.


2001 (20-22 Sept): ‘BASKETRY’ and Natural Dye Workshop.

2003 (19-21 Sept): ‘Hand Painted, Printed and Decorated Textiles’.

2006 (5-7 May): ‘Textile Traditions Today’.

2008 (12-14 Sept): “Textiles and Fibers- The Untold Stories

2010( 24-26 Sept): “ Nature’s Color Code

2012 (27 Sept- 1 Oct) “ISEND/WEFT- Waste To Wealth

2014 (Event held in Taiwan)

2017 (1st-3rd December) : World Ikat Textiles..Ties that Bind”


WEFT Forum Objectives:

  • To promote, share and acquire knowledge on the use of natural fibers and dyes.
  • To conserve and encourage the use of natural, sustainable material in the creation of arts and crafts.
  • To network amongst natural-material producers and the craftspeople through the establishment of an information database.
  • To develop a marketing network e.g. trade in raw materials, dye stuff etc.
  • To encourage and coordinate research and study into the traditional use of natural fiber and dyes in all forms of textile weaving, basketry, mat-weaving, plaiting etc.
  • To promote the development of World-Eco Fiber and Textile Art.
  • To foster cultural exchange through exhibitions, conferences, international visits by the craftspeople for the purpose of study, lectures and workshops.
  • With these objectives in mind, the  WEFT Forum 2017 will feature the World Ikat Textiles Symposium (WITS) will bring attention to Ikat Textiles as Cultural Heritage and
  • Identity; Contemporary Applications in Fashion, Crafts and Interiors; Creating New markets for Ikat Textiles; and the Cross-Cultural Ties through the common technique of Ikat.

International Exhibition

The Best of Malaysian Ikat Textiles such as Iban ‘Pua Kumbu’, Malay’Kain Songket-Limar’, and the Rungus ‘Ikat’ textiles will be exhibited together with Ikat Textiles from over 30 countries of the 5 continents of the World:

Indian ‘patola’double ikat; Indonesian ‘geringsing’of Bali; ‘Ulos’ of Sumatra; Sumba ikats; ‘mudmee’ weft ikats of Thailand; Guatemala double ikats; ‘rebozo’ shawls of Mexico; ‘macanas’ ikast and lace shawls of Ecuador, ikat textiles from Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso of Africa, Li ikats of Hainan, China; ‘kasuri’ kimons of Japan, and the renowned ‘ikat’ chapans of Uzbekistan ; velvet ikats of Iran; ‘chine ala branche’ ribbon ikats of France; and contemporary ikats of USA and Britain.



The 3 day Symposium held in a 5 star hotel will have 20 internationally renowned scholars, practitioners and designers of Ikat textiles share their latest research information, knowledge and innovative ideas . ( See List of Speakers)



The Afternoon Workshops will be divided into 3 categories:

1.     Weaving

2.     Basketry

3.     Natural Dyes


International Gala Dinner and Fashion Show

One of the Highlights of the WEFT Forum has always been the Fashion Show showcasing 12 International Designers alongside renowned Malaysian Designers.

This year, the focus will be the use of Ikat Textiles in Fashion.

(see list of Designers)


Post Symposium Tours

Several post forum tour options to weaving and craft centers as well as places of interest in Sarawak are being offered.

From 4-8 December,   a special trip to the Iban weaving longhouse of Rumah Garie, Ulu Kapit, Sarawak is planned to witness the traditional “Ngar’ mordanting ceremony of cotton threads.

See our tour partner, Borneo Adventure Tours.



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